Do you have a dream to sell online in Singapore?  Well, like other countries across the globe, Singapore is embracing virtual businesses. More and more Singaporeans are setting up e-commerce websites to sell products to both local and international customers. As one of them, you do not want to be a left-out in the revolution. You have a zero chance of losing the potential profits in this arena
However, upon several consultation and research, you realized that e-commerce platform is the backbone of any online success. Choosing the right platform will place you ahead of your competitors, attract more customers, and lead to massive sales. Despite this realization, you have come along different forums and materials advocating for particular platforms.
Also, developers are using marketing hypes to affirm that their e-commerce platforms are the best. All these information is leading to one destination – confusion. If this is your situation, here are the top 4 tried and tested platforms to build a profitable e-commerce website in Singapore:


It is a fact that. Shopify Singapore is the king of e-commerce website builders. If you are looking for a shortcut or else an easy way to start selling your products online, Shopify should be your first thought. The platform offers an easy to use web-editor. You do not need to be a coding guru to use it. All the features you need are available, and your sole task is to drag and drop. Also, it comes with more than 200 themes.
Whether you are selling fashion to Singapore business managers or cosmetics for salon or domestic use, you will find your match. Is it your priority to secure the customer information? If this is the case, Shopify minds about your safety. The platform is PCI-DSS compliant which interprets to peace of the mind due to customer data security. Also, it has affordable plans starting at $9 per month. Hence, it is a perfect e-commerce platform to lounge your online store.


Do you have a WordPress website? Right, as an entrepreneur, you desire to have several revenue streams. After several searches, you discovered e-commerce business is the goldmine. You have been running a blog on particular products. In the comment section, readers are inquiring about where to get the product online. You are planning to venture into the niche. However, the worry is if you do not have the cash to launch an e-commerce website. Alternatively, you want your followers to be the immediate customers. Well, if this is your situation, WooCommerce is the excellent news.
WooCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform in the form of a WordPress plugin. For you to realize your dream, all you need is to add it to your current website and build an online store. By this, it means that you will not lose your traffic. Also, you will turn your followers into customers. The benefit of having this platform is that you enjoy all the features of WordPress.
However, the shortfall of this e-commerce platform comes on the security aspect. WooCommerce does not offer any security features. It is your role to find the best ways of harnessing your customers and business information security. Despite this shortfall, it is a free option which works well for entrepreneurs with financial challenges.


Do you want to have an outstanding e-commerce website that convinces every visitor and turn them into customers? If so, think about Magento. As a mother of all open source e-commerce platforms, Magento is a renowned brand in the e-commerce arena. The platform gives you a chance for modifying and customizing the codes to build an online store/website of your preference. It is SEO friendly and affordable. However, it is a bad idea for you if you do not possess the coding skills.

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